The Magic of Audio

I just got the opportunity to listen to a recording of the mystery I had written, and I gotta tell you, there’s nothing more surreal than having a stranger read your writing aloud. It’s exciting, and fun, and basically very weird.
A link to the soundcloud is here:….Although I’m guessing it won’t be weird for you, since you didn’t write it.

A few thoughts:

– Lauren Fortgang is basically amazing.
– Laughing at your own jokes while someone else is reading them is creepy and vaguely self-indulgent, but it happened some anyway.
– I’ve really gotta figure out how to include more Threadwork into future books, because Lauren Fortgang reads a very funny Threadwork.

Anyway, if you want to simulate the experience, I suppose you could send me a paragraph or two, and then I’ll read it and post it to Soundcloud. It won’t be exactly the same, because I have no business narrating anything, but it will get you in the ballpark.

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